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집. / 영화 스피커 / 중국 프리미엄 THX - 411 서 라운드 스피커

중국 프리미엄 THX - 411 서 라운드 스피커

부품 을 사용 하 다: 500 건
공급 능력: 50000 건
지불 조건: TT, LC, 기타
모형 제품THX - 411 형
주파수 범위 (± 3dB)50 헤르츠. - 19 킬로헤르츠.
운전사허리: 1X 12 인치 (300 mm), 고주파: 1 X 1.75 인치 (44 mm)
감도 (dB / 1M / 1W)99 데시벨
부품 을 사용 하 다500 건
공급 능력50000 건
지불 조건TT, LC, 기타

제품 소개:

THX array type multi-channel playback speaker system. The body of the main parts of this series unit is specially made by a patented method, which is used to enhance the thinness and unevenness of the sound caused by the lack of damping caused by highly rigid materials. Carbon fiber full frequency unit. The paper cone tweeter uses an all-paper sealed unit suitable for both human dynamics and penetration.

The high-power unit is designed through the FineMonitor simulation system, and appropriate frequency points are improved at 8K-12K to help the resolution of the accent sound to improve the performance of the human voice. The crossover frequency is designed in Imas.daas, FineX-over. And other high-efficiency simulation systems. It is repeatedly adjusted, and then passed through voice, sound reinforcement testing, loud pressure music singing and monitoring, leisure environment sound reinforcement, and theater sound field environment. .
THX-4332 speaker is divided into two units and five units. It is a closed box. The array design has a full range of stereo sound field. The sound and image are uniform.
THX-4131 two-way speaker two-way unit, closed box, array design full-directional stereo sound field, uniform sound and image, carbon fiber full-frequency structure non-destructive unit.
It is used in indoor small theaters, indoor small concerts and conferences.
THX-12 large dynamic subwoofer, using a new type of thick biological fiber, mixed with wood fiber, shows the bass dynamics of a large space surround, and can make a good audio-visual fusion with the full frequency.
Each loudspeaker is driven by a powerful power amplifier. The power supply is expanded using ring transformers, high-purity copper, high-magnetic coils, sturdy cabinet structure, and professional simulation system design for long-stroke units. An important element of product quality.


기술 규범:

모형 제품

THX - 411 형


허리: 1X 12 인치 (300 mm)

고주파: 1 x 1.75 인치 (44 mm)

주파수 범위 (± 3dB)

50 헤르츠. - 19 킬로헤르츠.

감도 (dB / 1M / 1W)

99 데시벨

최대 음 압

132 데시벨

정격 출력 (RMS)

450 와트

최대 출력 (피크)

1800 와트

저항 하 다.

8 메 가

제품 사이즈 (높이 x 너비 x 깊이)

603 * 351 * 393 mm


22 킬로그램

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